psr per l'umbria 2014/2020

The financed operation involved an investment plan that includes the introduction of new machinery – IT systems – structural works – creation of the website.

With the introduction of new machinery, the company has set itself the goal of implementing and improving the quantity and quality of the products produced, through increasingly modern and efficient tools.

Through the new IT system, the company has sought to streamline and improve all the information technology phases ranging from order management to final invoicing and customer account control.

The structural works carried out were necessary to carry out a modernization work of the production unit.

Thanks to the new website, the company can offer an easier navigation tool, renewed in graphics and instrumentation, in step with the times of new communication technologies, both to its customers and potential customers; a “responsive” site that can be adapted to display on various mobile supports; also translated into, English, in order to reach a wider audience of possible customers, therefore an instrument that helps to increase marketing, not only national but also foreign.